Spring 2018 Pilot Courses

List of Participating Pilot Faculty and Course Sections Taught on Canvas Spring 2018

List of Participating Pilot Faculty and Course Sections
Faculty Department Pilot Course
Richard Senghas Anthropology ANTH-386-001-18-SP: Sign Lang & Signing Communities
Karin Jaffe Anthropology ANTH-414-001-18-SP: Primate Observational Methods
Armand Gilinsky Business Administration BUS-591-001-18-SP: Sem in Strategic Mgt
Carmen Works Chemistry CHEM-325-001-18-SP: Inorganic Chemistry
Suzanne Rivoire Computer Science CS-351-001-18-SP: Computer Architecture
Chiara Bacigalupa Early Childhood Studies EDEC-160B-001-18-SP: Social Justice Childh & Adoles
Kristina de Korsak Early Childhood Studies EDEC-478-004-18-SP: ECS Senior Portfolio
Sandra Ayala Special Education EDSP-421C-001-18-SP: Using Education/Assistive Tech
Emily Hostutler English ENGL-100B-007-18-SP: First-Year Composition
Cathy Kroll English ENGL-273-002-18-SP: Critl & Creat Readings Lit Tex
Daniel Soto Geography, Environment, & Planning GEP-475-001-18-SP: Passive Solar Design
Martha Byrne Math MATH-300B-002-18-SP: Data, Chance and Algebra
Michelle Kelly Nursing NURS-416-002-18-SP: Appl of Baccalaureate Perspect
Jordan Rose Nursing Cross-listed/metacourse sections include: NURS-540A-001-18-SP; NURS-540A-002-18-SP; NURS-540A-101-18-SP: Pathophys Concept Prim Cr I
Anthony Wright Philosophy PHIL-101-014-18-SP: Critical Thinking
John Sullins Philosophy PHIL-306-001-18-SP: Contemporary Topics in Phil